Project Management – A Forgotten Perspective


Effective project managers know how to get the job done, and get it done right. Success comes not only from wise selection of the team members and utilization of the best project management software tools; effective managers know how to lead, and how to encourage project team members to do their best. This includes clearly setting and communicating goals, providing proper training, project management software, as well as other necessary items and expertise. Effective project management also requires constant re-evaluation of your performance as the project leader. The most effective form of leadership is by example. If your team members see that you strive to live up to the high standards you require from the team, they will inevitably be more productive.

Set Attainable goals. Project managers should clearly define the objectives of the assignment and then see that each stage of the plan has reasonable milestones that mark the accomplishment of the included tasks. All team members should be aware of the project goals, and understand what his or her part is in accomplishing these goals. Break projects down using project management software into milestones that allow members to see real progress being made at each stage.

Provide Training & Equipment. Team members should be chosen for roles according to their areas of expertise. However, if training is required, the project manager should make sure it is adequately provided. Additionally, being available for questions and feedback is extremely important. The manager should foster an environment of collaboration in which team members feel comfortable asking for help if needed.

It is also vital to provide “simple to use” project management software tools or equipment that may be needed that will expedite completion and effectively assist the team in meeting goals & time lines. Web-based project management software will enable the team members to collaborate from any location and will instill accountability. The management software should be simple, keeping project management the focus. Some solutions attempt to include too many features losing focus on their core competencies and making them much more difficult to fully utilize.

Monitor Budgets & Time lines. Effective task management requires attention to monetary and time constraints. Project management software can help managers track progress and understand where they are within the outlined budget. Managing risk and proactive containment of problems that arise are important aspects of keeping cost and time where they need to be.

Evaluate Your Performance. The most effective managers will continually review their own performance throughout the process. They ask themselves whether or not they are listening to the concerns of team members, and they explore the atmosphere they’ve created for the project and it’s team members. A mature, upbeat attitude with a diplomatic skill set can assist a managers in being viewed as approachable by the team members. Additionally, it helps the morale of the members, and encourages them to complete their work with alacrity. Resisting the inherent urge to offer critical feedback and offering constructive feedback instead will help your team do the best job possible. Praise should be specific and sincere, and needed improvements should be tactfully pointed out to team members in private.

Communication is fundamental to accomplish tasks successfully. Nearly every key listed above has to do with effective and positive communication. When a manager remembers to purposely inject the human element into their leadership the odds of a successful culmination are high.
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Source by Jeff Klem

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