Knowing Printer News Can Help You Make Better Purchase Decisions

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Are you thinking of buying a printer? Is your printer giving you trouble? Do you want to know about the new printers in the market? Then the most effective way to learn about them is through internet browsing. By following the printer news online and other blogs and articles written on printers in internet you can make better purchase decision.

In this age of internet you no more need to go to a computer shop or dealer to buy a printer. Sitting and relaxing on your couch you can browse the net and look at the sites of the printer dealers on line. Go through some of these websites and strike the best deal.

But before you make any decision, it is very important that you make it clear to yourself the purpose of your buying a printer. Spend some time to find out what is new in the market. Which printer is the topmost and which suits your purpose best. Earlier the scenario was different. Within the two kinds of printers the inkjet was much cheaper than the LaserJet and therefore was preferred by the customer.

But now the price of the LaserJet has also decreased and has become actually affordable. Therefore the decision now is regulated more by the facilities that one needs from the printer. Also inkjet printers are now available in variety of styles with various new facilities. Starting from specialist photo printers to fax! But if you have only a general understanding of your need then top choose a printer might become tough.

To have a sound knowledge about printers and which one will be a better purchase, you should read the company blogs, articles and advices. Many a times even if you search in general in net, you will come across some very interesting and informative article. There are many printer companies who post their latest launch online and also give you a detailed description of the processor used.

If you need suggestion, then you can consult some of your friends who have printers. Also you can ask directly the printer manufacturer stating him clearly your demand. This will help him too to suggest you the best printer. You can also take the help of social networking sites asking question about printers and which one is the best.

Here is then mentioned some differences between Inkjet and LaserJet printer. Inkjet printer uses easy mechanism but eats up much ink in printing a document or photograph. Though you will get an inkjet printer at a reasonable price, you can feel the heat while buying the ink cartridge which is quiet expensive. Also the pages per minute or PPM is lesser in inkjet printer. On the other hand LaserJet printer cost high at the time of purchase, but the money is worth paying. The PPM yield of the LaserJet printer is 25 pages while that of inkjet is 10-15 pages. Also it consumes lesser ink and therefore last for a much longer time! And need not to say the print quality of LaserJet is far better than the inkjet.

With all these information and suggestions you will surely make the best deal while buying a printer for yourself.

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