Internet Marketing Opportunities For Retirees

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This message is for those of you who are now retired and for those of you who are making plans for retirement. That should include all of you over 40. If you are not at least planning your retirement by now, you should be. The message is that there is Good News and Bad News.

Let’s discuss the bad news first. The bad news is that the money you have saved or are planning to save for your retirement years is very likely not going to be enough. For those of you who are retired you have probably found that out already.

The old rule that I was given during my working years was that I would only need about 60%-75% of my working income after retirement. Sorry folks, it is not working out that way. Take it from one who is paying close attention to the numbers. The facts are that you will need at least the same income and maybe more if you want to be active.

The reasons for this are pretty straight forward:

First-you will probably live a few years longer than you expected.

Second-you will probably want to travel and do a lot of those things that you didn’t have time to do while you were working. That costs extra money.

Third-inflation is rearing its ugly head again. Check the price of gas, groceries, electricity, travel, etc., etc.

Fourth-the cost of health care will eat your lunch, particularly if you have a health problem. Unfortunately health problems do not diminish with age.

So the bottom line is that the money you have saved, or are planning to save, will most likely not be enough to get you through to the end and live the life that you are planning. It will be good for you to face that reality sooner than later.

Now the Good News is that you can do something about this and you do not have to go back to the old grind or go bag groceries at the supermarket. The solution is that you can start your own home business and supplement your retirement income nicely. This is being done daily by an increasing number of people. The amount you can make will vary with the level of effort you put into it (no surprise there). I suspect that a large number of you would appreciate an additional $2000-$5000 a month so you don’t have to dip into your saving account every month. Many people are making this, and much more, through home based internet marketing businesses of various kinds.

The trick is to chose the right one for you and, equally important, to chose one that is real and not a scam. Believe me there are a lot of scam programs out there that promise the world and deliver very little. It does take a little help from people with experience to make a good choice.

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