For business to grow in a slow economy, tools must be in place to reduce costs, boost productivity, and increase collaboration.

Microsoft Exchange Server is the most widely used and advanced business collaboration platform which combines an advanced e-mail solution with collaboration and information sharing features. Customers email, tasks, calendars, contacts and files are centrally stored at the data center and can be accessed using Microsoft Outlook from a user’s ‘Windows PC or Mac. Outlook Web Access via a web browser on any internet-enabled computer in any location or any ActiveSync-capable mobile device like a BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, or Windows Mobile Phone device.

Hosted Exchange Benefits


    Hosted Exchange helps you keep in touch by providing multiple access options through Windows and Mac email clients, Web-Based clients and Mobile Devices such as iPhone, iPads and BlackBerry. You can access your emails from anywhere, allowing you to stay in touch at all times.


    By being able to access your account from anywhere, you are always close to your Email, Contacts, Calendar and Tasks. This allows you to stay productive by staying connected even when outside of the office.


    Email isn’t enough .Businesses need to share documents, calendars, contacts, and other items to be productive. Hosted Exchange provides all of these features and more.


    By streaming productivity you can focus on collaboration and communication, your time is freed up to allow you to spend more of your day on your core business.

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